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The Fifth International Advertisement Festival Golden Wolf  took place in
19-21 December 2002 in Minsk.

Festival's Goals:

To conduct advertisement competitions. To hold professional meetings and presentations. Fulfillment of the scientifical part of the festival's program (seminars, conferences, round boards). Boost of advertisement as an art. Interposing of the most interesting and unhackneyed works to the advertisement market. Development of the advertisement business.


prizeIn every competition, in each nomination the winner gets a trophy Golden Wolf. There are awards of first, second and third degree in each nomination. Each participant who gets into final round will be awarded special diploma of the festival. Diplomas and trophies are to be handed over at the solemn meeting or mailed within one month after close of the festival.
Competitions' 2002
  • Competition- Television Advertisement
  • Competition- Printed advertisement
  • Competition- Radio Advertisement
  • Competition- Exterior Advertisement
  • Competition- The Best Photographer
  • Competition- WEB-design
  • Competition- Best printing
  • Competition- Unrealized Projects
  • Competition- Agency Of The Year
  • Competition- Advertisement Of National Goods
  • Competition- Advertiser Of The Year

  • Festival's program

    Entertainment part of Festival
  • Exhibition of Advertising photography
  • Acquaintance with commercials presented to the Festival
  • Exhibition of works presented in nomination print advertising
  • Demonstrations of works presented in nomination TV advertising
  • Listening to the audio advertising
  • Exhibition of Belorusian Art Academy
  • Acquaintance with works presented in nomination "WEB-design"

  • Photography. Review of the professional photo-services in Belarus. Advertising photography's technology
  • Television. How and when to order video-advertising and how much it costs in Belarus.
  • Radio. Advertising on a radio. Review of advertising services - starting with production towards planning.
  • Press. Review of press' market in Belarus. How to create media-plan for advertising in a press.
  • Outdoor advertising. New technologies and materials in outdoor advertising.
  • Direct mail. The basic rules of direct mailing for achievement of your advertising purposes.
  • Multimedia presentations. Conditions and equipment.
  • Sociology researches as a strong advertising tool.
  • Internet and advertising
  • Copyrights protection
  • Basic points in modern design and areas of its action.
  • Polygraphy production, its quality and technologies.
  • Souvenirs.
  • PR. Practical application in advertising aims
  • Creative as a basement in small budget advertising.

    Rules of the participation in festival

  • If you want to become a festival's participant, you should fill in the form in order to take part in chosen competition.

  • Read carefully rules of the participation in festival and order of work's reception before you fill in your form.

  • If you have any questions concerning participation in festival you can call the following phones: +375(17)226-0900, fill the form, or


  • Here you can fill in your accreditation form and familiarize yourself with the rules of accreditation.
  • Festival's Jury:

    Jury members in 2002 and brief regulations of judgement.
    (please go to

    Festival's organizers:

  • The Ministry of the Enterprise and Investments
  • Belorusian Art Academy
  • Belorusian Designers' Union
  • Adv. Agency "Sky Group"
  • TV Company "Svoy Krug"

    Informational support:

  • National State Television
  • Television channel STV

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